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Exploring for and developing

Lithium and Potash resources

in the Paradox Basin

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Vital Nutrient

Robust Macroeconomics

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Batteries are possibly the

best known lithium application.

It's where the future lays

for lithium demand.


Potash is important for agriculture because

it improves water retention, yield, nutrient

value, taste, color, texture and

disease resistance of food crops.

American Potash have been exploring for and developing Lithium and Potash resources in the Paradox Basin, SE Utah (UT) and SW Colorado (CO), USA for over eight years. Total Lithium + Potash exploration/development rights holdings in UT and CO of approximately 52,160 acres.

American Potash control large Potash and Lithium exploration/development rights holdings covering over 40,000 combined acres in Utah Paradox Basin, SE UT.

American Potash is the only explorer in the Paradox Basin with significant exploration and development rights to both Potash (K) and Lithium (Li), with about 13,200 acres of overlapping Lithium + Potash + Bromine (Br) rights in UT.

American Potash recently (March, 2017) acquired 608 Federal Lithium (+ Br) placer claims covering 12,160 acres in the Colorado Paradox Basin, SW CO.